Welcome to the official website of the Grand Bal d’Italie in Brussels!

The Grand Bal d’Italie is a charity gala organised by the Com.It.Es. of Brussels, Brabant and Flanders, under the auspices of the Embassy of Italy in Belgium, with the aims of promoting the integration of the Italian community in Belgium and raising funds to support the Italian associations working on humanitarian projects in Belgium.

The first edition took place on the 26th November 2016 at the Cercle Royal Gaulois and the second one on the 14th October 2017.

Com.It.Es. has the ambition to make it a key annual event for the Italian community: indeed, the Grand Bal d’Italie is the only event in Belgium, which liaises the spirit of solidarity of the international community with the Italian touch and culture. Italian music, numerous artists on stage, a gala dinner, several sponsors and a charity lottery.

A friendly event which will be the occasion to carry a message of tolerance and diversity in Europe through dance and music.

Bienvenu sur le site officiel du Grand Bal d’Italie à Bruxelles!

Le Grand Bal d’Italie est un gala de bienfaisance organisé par le Com.It.Es. de Bruxelles, Brabant et Flandres, sous le patronage de l’Ambassasade d’Italie en Belgique, afin de promouvoir l’intégration de la communauté italienne en Belgique et de recueillir des fonds pour soutenir les associations italiennes travaillant sur des projets humanitaires en Belgique.

La première édition a eu lieu le 26 Novembre 2016 au Cercle Royal Gaulois et la deuxième le 14 octobre 2017.

Le Com.It.Es. a l’intention d’en faire un événement phare annuel pour la communauté italienne : en effet, le Grand Bal d’Italie est un événement unique dans le territoire belge, qui lie l’esprit de solidarité de la communauté internationale avec le savoir-faire et la culture italiens. Musique italienne, de nombreux artistes en scène, un dîner de gala, plusieurs sponsors et une tombola de bienfaisance.

Un événement convivial qui sera l’occasion de porter un message de tolérance et diversité en Europe à travers la danse et la musique.

Benvenuti sul sito ufficiale del Grand Bal d’Italie a Bruxelles!

Il Grand Bal d’Italie è un galà di beneficenza organizzato dal Com.It.Es. di Bruxelles, Brabante e Fiandre, con il patrocinio dall’Ambasciata d’Italia in Belgio, al fine di promuovere l’integrazione della comunità italiana in Belgio e di raccogliere fondi per sostenere le associazioni italiane che lavorano su progetti umanitari in Belgio

La prima edizione ha avuto luogo il 26 novembre 2016 presso il Cercle Royal Gaulois e la seconda il 14 ottobre 2017.

Il Com.It.Es. ha l’ambizione di farne un evento annuale che sia un punto di riferimento per la comunità italiana: in effetti, il Grand Bal d’Italie, è un evento unico sul territorio belga, che coniuga lo spirito di solidarietà della comunità internazionale con il savoir-faire e la cultura italiani. Musica italiana, numerosi artisti in scena, una cena di gala, vari sponsors e una lotteria di beneficenza.

Un evento conviviale che sarà l’occasione per portare un messaggio di tolleranza e diversità in Europa attraverso la danza e la musica.


Event under the auspices of the Embassy of Italy in Belgium

Evento con il patrocinio dall’Ambasciata d’Italia in Belgio

Sous le patronage de l’Ambassasade d’Italie en Belgique

Practical info

Date: saturday 10th of November 2018

Venue: Cercle Royal Gaulois Artistique Littéraire,

Rue de la Loi 5, 1000 Brussels


How to get:

Metro 1-2-5-6 stop Arts-Loi / Parc

Bus 22 stop Arts-Loi

Tram 92/93 stop Parc

Parking: Interparking, Rue de l’Industrie 26-38, 1040 Bruxelles (info at http://prod.interparking.be/fr-BE/find-parking/Industrie/).

Special rate: 5€ from 6pm to 4am. Please ask the gala reception desk for your discounted ticket.


Dress code: tuxedo or uniforme for gentlemen, long gown for ladies

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Who are we?

Com.It.Es. is a representative body of the Italian community, directly elected by Italians living abroad, representing them in their relations with the diplomatic and consular institutions and local authorities. Com.It.Es. promotes initiatives for the Italian community in the field of education, work, protection of the civil, political and social rights, in culture and leisure.  Continue reading “Who are we?”


Programme 2018

Saturday 10th of November 2018 18.30: doors opening and cars exhibit – welcome cocktail 19.30: gala dinner 21.30: latin dances show with the Belgian champions Giuseppe Dell’aria and Irina Perez Lopez (offered by LANIERI, with the courtesy participation of Come to Milan) 21.35: welcome speech 21.45: Rossini 150° celebrations: opening waltz 22.00: standard and latin …